Moonlight-Trail in the light of full moon at cape Trafalgar

(without suitcase stacks)

Horse riding-tour including one full moon ride in the night on the beach on the Atlantic ocean, in the cape Trafalgar with rider’s holidays in Andalusia, centro Hipico Zahora

This “Mini-Riding-Trail” (the name does not refer to the riding times!) is suited for riders who are sure in all basic paces. The riding stages apply more than 4-6 riding hours daily. Highlight is an evening ride with full moon on the beach.

1. Riding day

If requested we will pick you up at the airport (Malaga or Jerez de la Frontera) and drive you to your hotel which is situated directly beside the rider’s court Centro Hipico Zahora. Our hotel is very well maintained and formed affectionately.  If requested there are different options of rooms availible. Doble rooms with balcony or terrace, Apartments and houses. There is a big wonderful garden with saltwater pool and jacuzzi, WIFI, barbecue place. In the evening we go out to the nearby restaurant for a common group- dinner

 2. Riding day

After the breakfast we go by approx. 5 minutes walking to reach the pasture of Centro Hipico Zahora and prepare our horses. After an introduction to the Spanish riding manner and the expiry of the riding program we start our ride tour on our diligent Andalusian horses. We ride by the Breña de Barbate, (a nature-protected pine forest with many fragrant herbs and all around the year green shrubs) to Barbate. On the way we enjoy happy twittering of the birds, the only one which “disturbs” the quietness which surrounds us, as well as amusing looks at the turquoise-blue sea. We enjoy the lunch in Barbate, an old pirate’s town, in a typical small Bar where we get different tasty Spanish Tapas. On our way back we ride on the coastline, high cliffs of Barbate to the cape Trafalgar. The view on this distance is breathtaking. The stunning azur waters on the one hand, gruff rocks and pines on the other side. In the spring one can admire now and again even wild orchids. But quite honestly, in Andalusia every season has her special charm. After all we insert a comfortable, vast canter between pines and shrubs then for the day end. On clear days we can see the Moroccan coast which seems right in front of us.

 3. Riding day

Today we start our riding tour to the nearby Atlantic beach to Costa de la Luz where we reach at about 10 riding minutes. We ride to the cape Trafalgar and directly over the cape by the wonderful dune scenery which in the spring appears to us  in a delightfully fragrant sea of blossom. On clear days we can see Morocco to be close to us. Further we ride by the Breña de Barbate up to a Mirador (vantage point) from which one has a dreamlike look about the Atlantic coast and the lighthouse of the cape Trafalgar. On the way we are able to do ourselves in the smell wildly of growing, fresh herbs as Rosemary and thyme. After a short rider’s break enjoyings this view we ride approx. another 30 minutes up to the lunch (which is taken very late in Spain, from 14.00 o’clock taken) in a small restaurant in the middle of the pine wood. Back it goes on winding paths to the pasture.

4. Riding day

In the morning we can get a good night’s sleep or enjoy the sunrise on the beach in early, because today we will do a ride at night. We ride along the beach in the sunset. If we have reached El Palmar, the sun has already set and we wait with a picnic on the beach for the moonrise. Back it goes by the night, illuminated by the light of the full moon. An experience which certainly leaves the heart to rider’s higher beating. As a rule we choose for this ride the day before the full moon. Then we have the unique scenery of the at the same time setting sun on the Atlantic side and the rising moon on the land side. If the weather admits it and no violent wind blows we enjoy on the way a picnic on the beach. Should the width come to us, however, of the famous “Levante” (south-/ east wind), there are small bars and restaurants on our way where we stop to make a small rider’s break.

5. Riding day

Today our riding aim is “La Muela”, a sleepy little village approx. 20 km away from the coast. Our midday aim are the waterfalls of Santa Lucia who give us a wonderful ambience for our midday picnic. The water from these springs will refresh us very much. After the lunch the horses show us what climbing artists they are when we climb the stairs of the Aquaduktes. Arrived on top come, we enjoy a marvellous view. Now we have only a few metres before ourselves up to the pasture where the horses spend the night today. We ourselves go with a transfer by passenger car back to the hotel and might enjoy a refreshing bath in the hotel pool or in the ocean.

6. Riding day

With the passenger car arrived in the pasture where the horses spent the night we prepare our horses for the way back home. Riding along the hills over everything else with stunning views to the ocean and the Beaches of Conil, El Palmar on one side and the white village Vejer on the other, so once again our eyes will be spoiled by a marvellous look about the coast. With the descent our horses may prove once more how sure footed they are. At the midday we will make,(if it permits the weather) a picnic directly on the beach. Alternatively we eat in a Spanish restaurant. After the lunch it goes in endlessly widen and long sandy beach of El Palmar back to Zahora where the other horses are glad about the return of her colleagues.

7. Riding day

Unfortunately is this our last riding day. It leads us once more by green, hilly sceneries up to “Palomar de La Breña”, the worldwide biggest pigeon house which is even mentioned in the Guiness-book. In the middle of nowhere we will stop at a sweet small hotel with a bar to take a drink. The pigeons do not live here any more, we can only even study her history which is very interesting. We take lunch in a Venta who is known for their good kitchen. On our way back we ride by the pine wood to the Finca. In in the evening we meet over again to for a common last evening dinner, chatting, swapping adresses, fotos and say “Till next time” to each other.

Kleine Erfrischung bei einem Wanderritt in Suedspanien This riding program is meant for riders who are sure in all basic paces and are good conditioned. In doubt you rather hold consultation with us. The maximum weight of the rider should not cross 90 kg. Riders can of course bring accompanying non-riders, contact us for an individual consultation. The team of rider’s holidays in Andalusia, centro Hipico Zahora discusses you with pleasure.