Our Rides

Riding Program in Andalusia, Spain at cape Trafalgar

Enjoy yourself on a fantastic riding holiday in spain, at teh famous cape Trafalgar

cape Trafalgar Zahora

We are very pleased about your visit on our Website in Spain and we hope that you take a few bewitching impressions of Andalusia, no matter whether you are a passionate rider and seeking adventure or if you wish to learn to ride. This horse country, the land of horsemen, a great atmosphere, especially in the spring, we promise, you will enjoy to the full. No matter if you want to part in our riding courses. Or maybe you want a combination of a couple of hours ride and then relax on the hotel-pool or the beach or great excursions in the “Provincia de Cadiz” with your family (riders and non riders). Our province “Cadiz”has much to offer. With us and our beautiful horses you can live great Rides in a beautiful, unspoiled area.

Our horses

We ride on Andalusian, horses that are known for their rideability, stamina and endurance. And since we live in Spain, of course we practise the local Spanish way of riding so named “Doma-Vaquera” in Spanish Vaquero-saddles and a soft, bitless bridles. We practise one hand riding and some more differences who are easy to learn. Our horses are used to be ridden and treated in the way of natural horsemanship.

The Rides

You will ride on 6 days for an average of 2,5-3 hours each day. (Extra rides you can book on). Each day will be varied and different and depends on the local conditions. With many years on our trails behind us we know places to show you that will amaze you. We also like to pass our local knowledge to our guests.
 Enjoy beautiful horseback vacacions with us on the beaches and in the pine forest

Beach rides and Forest rides

we are situated just beside the famous cape Trafalgar, with its large unspoiled beaches on one side, just 10 riding-minutes away from the beach and on the other side the edge of the spectacular natural park of La Breña de Barbate, consisting of forest, salt marshes, steep cliffs and miles of fire-breaks. The forest consists of 5000 hectares of mainly umbrella pine and eucalyptus trees, as well as you will see lots of fresh herbs and rare flowers on our riding-tours, giving a unique fresh aroma. The forest stretches out along the hills and cliffs, offering stunning views over the Moroccan coast and the beaches of cape Trafalgar. Panoramic views when we reach the “Mirador” (Viewpoint) beside “La torre de Meca”. On our rides we mostly have the opportunity to have a stop at small local bars for a drink and of course the horses will enjoy their break as well.

 Our different Riding-Programs

  • Riding and Relax means an average of 2,5-3 hours riding (without counting the stop at the bars)
  • Moonlight-Trail means a Tour about 4-6 hours riding, lunch break inbetween
  • Riding courses for beginners means about 2,5-3 hours riding, intensive training combined with nice rides

(the Moonlight-Trail just for experienced riders)

Riding vacacions for beginners or returners

Riding vacacions for beginners and returnersRiding lessons abroad on the coast, with a lot of fun and wonderful scenery impressions of our nice riding excursions, whether all around the famous cape Trafalgar or the nature reserve “La Breña de Barbate”. Whether you are a nervous rider whether you are an inexperienced rider, insignificant,

On good educated Andalusian horses, under competent and sensitive instructions you learn the base which we later can use by nice, sure rides in practical. And even on the Atlantic beach in Zahora, directly in the cape Trafalgar, in the south of Spain with dreamlike views Africa on clear days. You needn t take riding hours or practise fitness training to begin with, we introduce you quite individually and very much empathetically, so that from the beginning you can relax. With us the riding lessons give pleasure from the outset because of our great and dependable horses. A weight limitation of 80 kg is valid (attention, for riding beginner)