Stationary rides / star rides


Fruehling in Andalusien, Bluetenmeere in Sued-Spanien, gruene Landschaften, duftende KraeuterDaily Rides, Tours, Beach Rides in Andalusia Spain…

We offer adventurous, fantastically nice and daily alternate rides on sandy paths or forest ways. Rarely we have to pass by an asphalt way. Our half day tours apply about 2,5-3 riding hours per day. Additional rides can be booked on top.

What every you prefer to do with us and our Andalusian horses, we certainly find the suitable offer. Our riding programme Star rides is directed to riders who are experienced in all basic paces. For nervous riders or riding beginners we recommend our programme riding beginners and returners.

Star rides Riding and Relax

Reiterpause an den Wasserfaellen beim Aquaduct von Santa LuciaOur star ride programmes (i.e. we always start on the rider’s court and also return again) are indescribable. On the one hand indescribably nicely, diverse and variously, on the other hand indescribably, because we do not make a description for every day that is fixed as we plan them quite individually for every day foreseeing the weather and other conditions (for the beach rides we try to keep  to the tidal plan and ride best with low tide). But even if the expiry changes , or we insert in one week a tour which we do not make next week, each of our riding tours is igual enjoyable. Each of our rides is unique, because of the great nature and of course also of our really great horses who become friends to the guests in their riding week. On our place the riding terms are just brilliant, there is some reason  people name the coast of Trafalgar the Andalusian Caribbean. (For us there are no restrictions in regard to beach rides, indeed, we respect the summer bustle in the July and August and in this time ride only in the early morning hours or in the later evening to the beach. But the Pine forest offers  us the desired shade in the summer heat with the horse riding.

Surrounding of our riding center

Reiten, Reiterferien, Urlaub in Andalusien, Spanien zu PferdeThe sceneries all around our Finca are simply charming. Surrounded by screen pines, fragrant herbs, gigantic broom bushes, which in the spring wonderfully blossom, acacias in yellow flower splendour, we start our daily horse riding tours to different destinacions
We reach the beach from our Finca at only 10 riding minutes by the dunes and even the beaches in front of our door offer for at least 3 different riding days by the vast dune sceneries which takes our breath away, seeing the beauty of the nature. In June almost infinitely big sunflower fields, everywhere gigantic oleander bushes disclose to us. On the other side, immediately adjoining to our Finca we reach directly in the nature reserve “La Breña de Barbate” itself all together above a surface of 5000 ha spread and everywhere occasionally dreamlike, breathtaking views over the coastline.  We ride on partial winding paths through the middle of wild bush sceneries, great Canters on narrow forest paths expect us. We climb up rocky stages and reach great places where one must simply stop to enjoy.

Old monuments, historical ruins

Equestrian holidays on the beach at cape Trafalgar in Andalusia

La “Ruina Romana” at cape Trafalgar

Among the rest, we pause in historical monuments, like “Torres costera”, pirate’s defence towers against the Berbers who were built in the 16th century we ride to the once world biggest pigeon house  “El Palomar de la Breña which is even mentioned in the Guiness book of records and where we may find out the interesting history of the pigeons while having a drink in the hotel bar. There are no longer pigeons living at this place. You will find a small, hided and very quiet hotel in the middle of nowhere. Everywhere we find hints about the different cultures which have moved here once. And  again we enjoy views at the white villages Conil and Vejer de la Frontera which are known to appear how beaming jewels in the midst of the mountainous region in front of our eye. And again we are surrounded by the turquoise-blue sea which provides the breath of the Caribbean for us.

Our Riding Program

Our riding programme “Star rides” contains rides daily 2,5-3 riding hours on 6 riding days.

Strandritt zum Sonnenuntergang an der Costa de la LuzSpecial riding experience is the ride in the evening to the sunset on the beach. Fantastically white sand on the Atlantic beach, wonderful landscapes, marvellous views invite us too daily to alternate riding tours. Surrounded by the fresh smell of the herbs and pines we take a break from everyday so properly. Rider’s holidays in Andalusia, centro Hipico Zahora are simply a unique experience. Those who once experience Zahora from the back of a horse, will never forget the magic which he has experienced.